Who We Are

Swamp Digital is made up of 3 passionate thinkers (2 software engineers and 1 UX/UI guru) who take pride in finding the very best solutions for Mobile Development.
We have years of experience and we have developed multi-platform apps that are actively used by thousands of users per month.


We have experience developing for iOS, AppleTV, Android and AndroidTV.
We also have had the chance to master certain technologies like Streaming Video on Demand using FairPlay, Widevine and Smooth Streaming. We are quite knowledgeable on the intricacies and requirements in order to implement mentioned technologies.


We have been developing for AppleTV and Android TV since their respective initial releases and we take pride in our knowledge in regards to the development and expected User Experience for both platforms.


Start-up companies have trusted us to create their MVP, and other companies have hired us as the consulting team that guided them through the drafting of their back-end architecture as well as mobile-app engineering design to provide a smooth path of development that is scalable.


We aren’t an army. We are like Navy Seals, we are going to repel down from helicopters onto your startup/idea and show you how stuff is done … In and Out… and then before you realize it, what you wanted to get done will be done.