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Sometimes, you may need consulting rather than development. We can definitely help you there. Many times, all you need is the right direction from the start so that the actual development goes as smooth as possible. We can guarantee you that after one consulting session, you will feel quite sure as to what will be your next step.


Even if you already have an MVP, or an app in the AppStore or the Google PlayStore, and you need to port the app to another platform, or you need to create a better version of the app, we will give you the direction you need.


Our rate is $250/hour. A minimum of 4 hours must be booked. During all of our consulting sessions, 2 software engineers and the UX/UI guru will be present to ensure that you get all the information you can possibly get. Our goal is to answer all questions you may have and to also give you questions that will certainly provide the right direction for the materialization of your idea.

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