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blim is a Video On Demand Streaming Service. It has thousands of exclusive content as well as original content produced by Televisa International. blim has been running for over 2 years and it has caught major attention by other competitors. Taking full advantage of the different platforms out there, blim is now available to iOS, tvOS, Android, AndroidTV, Roku and XBox360.

We are lead engineers for the iOS, AppleTV, Android and AndroidTV teams. Each app has been developed natively in its corresponding language. The iOS app has been featured twice in the AppStore and the AppleTV app has been featured 3 times as well!

Only taking into account the user base that comes from the 4 mentioned platforms, blim has hundreds of thousands users monthly!


These apps use FairPlay and WideVine technologies respectively for Digital Rights Management.
We have developed these apps with meticulous attention to detail and as a result they run at a 99.99% Crash-free rate. We give the utmost importance to every single user experience that is generated by using our apps.