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Meet, Play, Repeat. That is a concise definition of what this disruptive sporting app does. If you’ve ever wanted to set up a quick basketball, football, soccer and baseball games with, let’s say 10 friends, how do you usually do so? Group text? Call everyone individually? Both of these options are WIDELY hated by the organizer. Trust us. We’ve been there ourselves.

With Leaguely, you choose a sport, number of participants (who they are), time and location. This way your friends will get an alert well before game-time in which they can confirm or decline their attendance! Have no friends? Leaguely’s got you covered. Upcoming games could be public and it they are missing a person to complete their formation, you can let them know you’d like to join them via the app! Never game alone again.


This one is on the house. You still gotta buy it! We BUILT IT ourselves, not for a client, but for the world and the sake of solving a communication problem in the recreational sports field. We do not outsource any development efforts. That is what has made us RELEVANT in the app marketplace and Leaguely is our proud first child of this principle.

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